Task: XSLT Reference Pages

During one of our earlier sessions, we spent time collaboratively building reference pages for XSLT.  However, time ran out before we were able to complete all the reference pages.  Since most of us are unfamiliar with XSLT but a lot of the work we will do for the BASICS web site will involve writing XSLT, it will be essential for us to have a strong set of XSLT reference pages that distills the normative specification text found at  http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/REC-xslt-19991116 into some more readable and accessible help pages.

Your task is to complete the writing of the XSLT reference pages and to review existing pages to assure their quality.  In particular, each reference page for an XSLT element should have:

In the process of composing the XSLT reference pages, you will end up becoming well versed in the semantics of XSLT.  You are free to make enhancements to the help.xsl file, if you feel that enhancing the XML tag language used by the help files will make composing help text easier.  However, take note that the XSQL reference pages also use the help.xsl file; be sure that any changes you make to help.xsl can be used by both the XSLT and XSQL reference pages.