Task: XML and XSL Layout Framework for HTML

Web pages tend to have certain abstract structures that are rendered in HTML -- logo, banners, global links, local navigational links, "breadcrumbs," etc.  The weakness of HTML is that there are no semantics for describing these parts of the pages distinctly from each other because HTML is purely a presentational language.  However, with XML we have the ability to define any XML semantics that we like and write XSL that transforms the XML into whatever HTML we like.

Therefore, we have the ability to specify a page layout using abstract XML semantics and to render web pages in any way that we want through the XSL.  The theory here is that the same XML file could be rendered in any style of web page that we want by simply changing the XSL used to translate the XML to HTML.

There will be ongoing work in this area of the BASICS web site project.  The tasks can be summarized as follows: