Task: Graphics Editor Reviews

Part of the work for the BASICS web site and database project will involve the production of various graphics images.  To be effective at producing those images, we need to have the right tools.  Continuing in the tradition that we started with 1st Page 2000, we would like to find a freely available graphics tool that is suitable for our use on this project.  Our primary purpose is to find a freely available tool that allows us to create 2D still images and save them as GIF or JPEG images.

Your task is to review several different free graphics editors and put together a feature matrix (table) that clearly identifies the differences (pros and cons) among the different graphics editors.  The number of graphics editors that you review is at your discretion, although you should have at least 2 or 3 editors in the matrix that of high enough quality that we would be able to stick with any one of them while minimizing our need for any other graphics tools.

Go to http://www.completelyfreesoftware.com/graphics_programs_w95.html

Put together a feature matrix (table) for each graphics editor you review using the following criteria:

Based on your review, what are the top two or three editors we should consider using?